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3 October 2017

Used batteries ‘hoarded in homes’ could boost recycling

The shortfall in meeting the battery recycling target could be eradicated if the public recycled the used batteries ‘hoarded’ in UK homes, compliance scheme Ecosurety has suggested. [caption id="attachment_119742" align="...


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19 June 2014

Q1 battery data shows lead acid slowdown


By Will Date The proportion of lead acid batteries that is being used to meet waste portable battery recycling targets appears to be on the decline, figures published by the Environment Agency last week ...

4 March 2014

UK close to meeting 2013 battery recycling target


By Will Date Data published by the Environment Agency last week shows that the UK is close to meeting its recycling target for waste portable batteries. However, industry sources have said that...

4 February 2014

G&P Batteries suffers second fire in weeks


By Will Date Battery recycling firm G&P Batteries has suffered a second fire in just over two weeks at its facility in Darlaston, West Midlands, after a stack of lithium batteries caught alight this ...

14 January 2014

Operations continue at G&P Batteries despite fire


By Will Date Battery recycling firm G&P Batteries has reassured clients that operations at its Darlaston plant are continuing as normal today (January 14), after a fire broke out at the facility in the ...

25 November 2013

Government backtracks over batteries guidance


By Will Date Plans to amend a discrepancy in the definition of portable waste batteries said to be skewing the UKs progress towards EU battery recycling targets have been pushed back after ...

5 September 2013

Agency data points to battery shortfall


By Will Date The UK is on track to meet its 2013 waste battery collection target, but data published by the Environment Agency yesterday (September 4) shows that the sector is in danger of falling short ...

15 August 2013

Government offers clarity over lead acid batteries


By Will Date Proposals to address a discrepancy in the definition of portable batteries, which is said to be causing a disproportionate amount of the UKs battery recycling obligation to be met by lead ...

12 July 2013

Battery recyclers fined after employee loses finger


Two businesses were fined a total of 4000 for safety failings yesterday after a man caught his hand in a saw at a recycling plant in Ebbw Vale. Battery recycling firm Envirowales Ltd of Victoria Street, St Albans and Jamestown ...

10 June 2013

UK on track for battery target in 2013


By Will Date The UK is on track to meet its second mandatory EU battery recycling target, according to waste portable battery collection data for 2013 Q1 published by the Environment Agency this week.

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