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1 April 2019

Waste industry looks to tackle Lithium-Ion battery fires

Sector-led guidance is being drafted to assist waste management companies in handling lithium ion batteries to prevent fires at waste sites. Both the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the AATF (Approved Authorised ...


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24 March 2016

WEEE & ELV policy transfers from BIS to Defra


Business Secretary Sajid Javid and Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss have agreed that the Environmental Regulation team will transfer from BIS to Defra, under changes that will come into effect on 1 April. The ...

3 March 2016

Lead acid battery collections decline ahead of ‘portable’ shift


The volume of lead acid batteries collected by battery compliance schemes in the final months of 2015  declined compared to previous quarters, ahead of a change in rules over which batteries can be classed as ‘portable’.

4 January 2016

New definition for portable batteries in effect


Changes to the way that manufacturers and recyclers classify portable batteries have been brought into effect which see waste batteries weighing more than 4kg no longer classed as ‘portable’. The introduction of the 4kg ...

4 December 2015

Fire hits WasteCare storage building in Elland


West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue brought a fire at a WasteCare battery storage building in Elland near Leeds under control in the early hours of this morning (4 December 2015). One fire engine remains on site now (10.30 am) as ...

4 November 2015

Battery recycling costs expected to shoot up


The cost of collecting and processing waste portable batteries is expected to increase to around £1,400 per tonne from 2016, as a result of changes to the way waste batteries are classified, Defra has claimed. Changes to the way ...

19 August 2015

Batteries sector set for shakeup after ‘portable’ ruling


Waste batteries weighing more than 4kg will no longer be classed as ‘portable’ when they are presented for recycling, Defra has confirmed, in a move that could lead to an increase in compliance costs for battery producers. A ...

11 August 2015

Babz Media fined for breaching environmental rules


Babz Media Limited, an online trading company operating from Bilton Road, Perivale, Middlesex, has been fined £45,500 for non-compliance with environmental legislation across three separate material types: packaging waste, batteries and ...

26 January 2015

Defra launches delayed batteries consultation


Long-delayed proposals to change the guidance on the classification of waste portable batteries have been published, more than a year after an original consultation on the subject was scrapped. The Department for Environment, Food...

4 December 2014

Q3 batteries data highlights lead acid disparity


The latest waste battery recycling data shows that the proportion of lead acid batteries being used to meet EU targets is declining, but still makes up the majority of the tonnages collected by compliance schemes. The third ...

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