Alchemy repairs 6m tech devices in seven years

Alchemy, a technology refurbishment company, has announced it has repaired and remarketed over six million devices in the last seven years, which it said has saved 420,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

The Global E-Waste Monitor 2024 highlighted that 62 million tonnes (Mt) of e-waste was produced in 2022, which is up 82% from 2010. 

Alchemy’s announcement follows on from the European Council announcing that it had adopted a directive promoting the repair of broken or defective items, also known as the right-to-repair (or R2R) directive. 


James Murdock, Alchemy’s co-founder, said: “There’s a growing burden to decarbonise the electronics sector, to slow the pace of climate change and develop circular practices that make lifestyles more sustainable. We’re very proud to play our part in that. 

“Our latest achievement is powerful proof that we can create a healthier planet by rethinking our relationship with technology. Each pre-loved device we sell represents an environmentally conscious choice that moves us towards a complete circular economy benefiting both people and planet. And this milestone is a testament to how businesses and consumers truly want to re-use and repair more, rather than simply throw things out.” 


Earlier this year, Alchemy announced its partnership with carbon-accounting platform Greenly. It stated that this made it the “only” device refurbishment company able to certify the CO2 savings of the devices it sells.  

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