‘A roller coaster ride’ as LARAC chair, says Carole Taylor

The former chair of LARAC, Carole Taylor, who completed four years in her post at the local authority recycling officers organisation at the turn of the year, has described her term in office as a “roller coaster ride”.

Reflecting on having to deal with the pandemic as well as topics such as the Resources and Waste Strategy, she spoke of the challenges as having “definitely been a roller coaster ride going up and down over the last four years”. And, she added, that it was a good job these were something she enjoyed!

In an exclusive video interview with letsrecycle.com, Ms Taylor said that when she started in 2010 “it was a bit daunting. I had some concerns that we might lose members because of partnerships emerging. I’m really pleased to say we manage to weather that storm and later the pandemic too.”


She said she was proud of how LARAC now represents 73% of all local authorities in the UK with over 300 council members, and is in a “strong position going forward”.

Commenting on Covid-19, she said: “During the pandemic, local authorities worked really hard – we were communicating on issues to members, even before we got guidance from the government.”

LARAC, she said, “is full of passionate hard working people, who keep working really hard to keep services going, really dealing with anything that is thrown at us, to make sure the bins keep getting emptied.

“We are very resilient and I am proud of what our LARAC members have done during the pandemic.”


Ms Taylor concluded with an explanation that a review is happening into how LARAC is organised and that it is a very exciting time ahead. She also said she is sure the organisation will continue to grow under the new chair of LARAC, Cathy Cooke.

She concluded: “Being chair of LARAC has been a privilege and I am proud of what we have achieved over the last four years and I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me. It’s not just a single person’s effort, it is a team effort.”

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