News Sunday 20 September 2020
18 September 2020

Committee scrutinises government WEEE policy

Criticisms were made over the “disparity” in responsibilities for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) between physical and online retailers yesterday (17 September). The comments were made at an Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) session, the committee’s last in its inquiry into electronic waste and the ...

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12 January 2001

Scottish report finds under reporting of active waste landfilling


The Scottish Executive has released evidence that some landfill operators in Scotland may be failing to report the disposal of active waste to Customs and Excise which could mean the avoidance of large amounts of landfill tax payments.

11 January 2001

Metals recyclers look to become service providers for car manufacturers


The metals recycling could move to the stage where it becomes “very much a service-based” industry in the future, according to Jeremy Sutcliffe, chief executive of the UK’s second largest metal recycling business Simsmetal UK.

11 January 2001

Incineration directive to become law in UK by end of year


The new incineration of waste directive is likely to be adopted by the end of 2001 in the UK according to the Energy from Waste Association. But, the association considers it will not affect future design of plants.

11 January 2001

Agency confirms special waste controls for photo waste


The Environment Agency has reaffirmed that photographic waste is Special Waste and has this week updated its guidance to this effect. The revised guidance - in the form of a Special Waste Explanatory Note (SWEN) – and is ...

10 January 2001

Survey finds compliance schemes have won control of PRN market


Compliance schemes have won the battle to control the market for PRNs (packaging waste recovery notes), many accredited reprocessors believe. And, prices for the first quarter of 2001 look likely to be much lower than anticipated.

10 January 2001

Plans for continental recovered newsprint plants put pressure on Aylesford decision


A decision on construction of a second paper machine at the Aylesford Newsprint could be influenced by the announcement that global paper group Stora Enso is to build a recovered newsprint machine in Belgium. The announcement ...

9 January 2001

IWM study finds in favour of clean MRFs and calls for more research into costs


Research work into the costs of materials recovery facilities is urgently needed according to a report from the Institute of Waste Management. The IWM study does not provide any cost data because of concerns that it might set a...

9 January 2001

Cleanaway buys Serviceteam


Waste management and recycling business Cleanaway has bought Serviceteam. Serviceteam, which is based in London, has a number of local authority contracts. More details shortly...

9 January 2001

Cleanaway buys Serviceteam and offers “total service solution”


Cleanaway has confirmed its purchase of Serviceteam creating one of the UK’s largest providers of environmental services to local government. A statement from Cleanaway said: “This combination brings together an ...

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