News Saturday 28 March 2020
28 March 2020

WISH issues waste and COVID-19 advisory document

The UK’s Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum (WISH) has published a draft advice document about managing COVID-19 (coronavirus) risks in the context of a range of waste management activities. The document, released on Friday 27 March 2020, is expected to become a key document for the waste management sector and local ...

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23 October 2000

Recycling portion in billion pound council spending boost


Three years from now councils will have more than 1.1 billion more than current provision to spend than is currently allocated for environmental and cultural services, including waste, junior environment Minister Chris Mullin announced last ...

23 October 2000

New generation Unimog unveiled


With the concept of 'be;st value' becoming ever-more important, municipal operators with an under-utilised waste management vehicle fleet could do worse than consider the new Unimog from Mercedes-Benz. Capable of performing a ...

23 October 2000

Call for standard green labelling to help consumers


Standard labelling for cars, homes and domestic equipment could make buying green much easier, a new report confirms today. A 'fa;mily' of graded performance labels would allow consumers to choose purchases which were ...

23 October 2000

Caradon kerbside for Cornwall Paper Company


The second stage of a kerbside collection scheme run by Caradon District Council in Liskeard, Cornwall got underway this month. The scheme will initially serve 1,500 households in Liskeard and follows a trial launched for 400 ...

23 October 2000

Production cuts vital to stop steel output surge


Global steelmaking is running out of control and production cuts will have to be implemented soon to stop the industry racing into the abyss. The warning about oversupply came this week from steel consultancy and report company ...

23 October 2000

Alliance condemns government for PRN discrimination


The government has been accused of failing to value independent recyclers and waste processors and wilfully choosing to ignore their commercial interests. The damning attack has been made primarily at the Department of the ...

23 October 2000

Free compost bulked up for Daventry residents


Daventry District Council is offering free compost to its residents as well as wood chipping mulch. The council announced last Friday that the compost, or “soil conditioner” derived from the green waste collected every ...

23 October 2000

Churngold in UK first for Hammel wood system


The first Hammel Wood Recycling System for the UK has been ordered by Churngold Waste Management of Bristol. The Hammel wood system will be supplied by Wilkie Recycling Systems of Aldermaston, Berkshire, sole UK distributor for Hammel Shredders...