WATCH THE RECORDING: “What’s in it for me?” How Bracknell Forest Council’s incentive scheme is helping to engage more residents with their recycling

Date 3 May 2017

Join this webinar to learn about the recycling incentive scheme that Bracknell Forest Council and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK are successfully running across the district.

Claire Pike, Waste and Recycling Manager at Bracknell Forest Council, and Kim Shaw, Contract Manager for SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, will take you through the scheme from the initial idea to the roll-out, and beyond.

Register to gain insight into how the incentive scheme is being utilised by a variety of council departments, the costs of implementing such a scheme, and the benefits it can bring to your authority.

What will be covered?
• The conception and implementation of the scheme
• How the scheme works
• The rewards
• ‘Good cause’ donation element
• Overview of the online portal for residents
• How well the scheme is utilised
• Costs and benefits

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