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28 March 2018

WEBINAR: How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Waste Collections

Join us for this hour long webinar to understand how mobile technology is changing the way that operators collect waste and how this can improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Firstly, transport and smart technology expert Giles K. Bailey, Managing Director at Stratageeb will provide a summary of the overarching effect of mobile technologies on industry and the way that digital is disrupting the market.

Next, Maxine Von Eye, one of the UK’s leading waste collection modellers and Senior Research Analyst at Eunomia will look at how mobile technology can be applied to waste collection services through use of data. Finally, AMCS will outline the latest mobile solutions and explore how they could work for you in practice, with a story from TJ Waste, who successfully implemented mobile technology to improve customer happiness.


13:00 – 13:03 Introduction

                          Will Date, News Editor,

13:03 – 13:15 The Latest Innovation Streams and the Effect of Mobile Technology on Industry

                          Giles K. Bailey, Director, Stratageeb

13:15 – 13:30 How Mobile Technology is Revolutionising Waste Collections

                          Maxine Von Eye, Senior Research Analyst, Eunomia

13:30 – 13:45 CASE STUDY TJ Waste: Mobile Solutions to Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Satisfaction

                           Ken Tierney, Product Owner, AMCS

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