Webinar: Ecosurety response to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for packaging consultation

Date 20 May 2021

Phone 0333 4330 370

On the 24 March, UK Governments released the consultation Introducing a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The aim of the DRS it to increase capture of drinks containers for recycling. Consumers will pay a small deposit on items such as PET plastic drinks bottles, which can then be refunded at a retailer return point or reverse vending machine. It is planned to be implemented in England in 2023.

The consultation is due to close on 4 June 2021. It is open to responses from anyone, not just technical experts, and it is crucial there is a wide range of respondents with an equal representation of views to achieve the best regulatory outcome.

This webinar, run by Ecosurety head of innovation and policy Robbie Staniforth, will present the official consultation response submitted by Ecosurety, with an opportunity to ask questions at the end.

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