Webinar FPF FlexCollect Interim Report – Key insights for the plastics and packaging industry

Date 8 February 2024

The Flexible Plastic Fund (FPF) FlexCollect project is now halfway through and has released an interim report at the end of January 2024.

The interim report provides encouraging insights from the seven local authorities currently running flexible plastic kerbside collection pilots, covering nearly 30,000 households from across the UK. The report provides encouraging insights at the project’s half-way stage which will help the waste and resource industry to prepare for UK-wide collections in just over three years.

This webinar will present the key findings from the interim report – from operational findings and compositional analysis of collected materials, to insight into household participation and reprocessing trials.

The session will also cover the next steps for the project and will give participants time to ask any questions at the end.


Gareth Morton – FPF Representative and Discovery Manager at Ecosurety

Oliver Morrall – Suez, Flexcollect project delivery manager

Adam Herriot – Senior Specialist, WRAP

Steve Morgan – Head of Policy & Infrastructure, Recoup


If you’re an INCPEN member, book your place here: https://flexibleplasticfund.org.uk/flexcollect-interim-report-2024#joinourwebinars

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