Waste Exports Conference 2023

Date 8 November 2023
Location London

Contact Maria Foley

Phone 020 3433 7549

Exporting of waste has seen increasing challenges over the last few years, with Basel codes changes, tightening rules on end markets, more waste types having to be exported under notifiable paperwork rather than Annex VIIs and increase awareness of hazardous composition of waste and POPs – all necessary to be exported with prior informed consent.

All of these changes have been a lot for the waste industry to grapple with. With further changes proposed for the UK International Waste Shipment Regulations and the EU waste export regulations changing, this conference provides delegates with a range of talks from both Defra and a Commission spokesman about the proposed changes and to hear from the regulators on current issues and with detailed guidance on existing processes to help exporters with notifiable applications and Annex VII paperwork. The conference will also hear from an international shipping agent on the global waste shipping market and from 360 Environmental – sharing experiences of dealing with overseas competent authorities.

If your business is exporting waste or proposing to start exporting waste, this one-day event will provide you with greater awareness to ensure your exports are compliant and will make you aware of proposed changes that could significantly impact your waste exporting activities.


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