The Conundrum of Single-Use Packaging

Date 25 September 2018


Contact Daniella Jarvie-Thomas


Phone 020 7633 4524

This webinar brought to you by Bywaters will enable discussion on the conundrum of single-use packaging – a key topic of the year.

The focus will be on the practical steps that property managers, restaurateurs and sustainability practitioners can take to reduce single-use packaging within their domains.

Whether it is the recycling of coffee cups with reusable alternatives offered, moving to cutlery and crockery, bio-degradable or looking at incentives to behaviour change of customers and colleagues.

The market place is changing and this webinar will give you practical information to drive these changes in your place of work.

Speakers include:

  • Julie Hogarth, Head of Sustainability, Regent Street Management
  • Pete Hemmingway, Community Manager, Sustainable Restaurant Association
  • Edward van Reenen, Head of Health & Sustainability, Bywaters

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