Remunicipalisation Conference 2016

Date 28 January 2016

Contact Katie Steed

Phone 020 7633 4522

As local authority budgets are squeezed, many councils in the UK are having to rethink how they can achieve efficiencies across their public services – including waste and recycling.

The Remunicipalisation Conference 2016 aims to address how councils from around the country are dealing with these pressures, from restructuring departments to joint-working and procurement.

The day will also focus on the growing debate over how waste services should be managed, with clear lines beginning to develop between councils outsourcing to the private sector and those in favour of bringing collections in-house.

This event will bring together representatives from across local authorities and the waste industry to discuss these issues and more, with opportunities to network and stay up to speed in the ever-changing landscape of waste politics.

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