PRNs & EPR Reform

Date 3 November 2020
Location Online

Contact Ali McQueen

Phone 02076334500

This session is suitable for anyone who wishes to understand how the producer responsibility system was designed and how it works today.

The tutor will take you through the history of the regulations, beginning with some of the first Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation to be compiled at a European and UK level. Attendees will be led through the roles of the key stakeholders, their responsibilities and their links to key resources, as well as the sources of the data which dictates how the system works each year.

The session will build slowly from the history of the regulations and the rise of the concept of producer responsibility to the key principles under which the original regulations and PRN system were designed. The host will drill down into the details of how producers calculate their obligations and what’s required to become an accredited reprocessor or exporter of packaging, thereby achieving the right to issue evidence of recycling.

It will unpack the market mechanisms designed to deliver cost effective compliance with the regulations, helping you to understand the demand and supply side of this model.

Finally, the tutor will discuss the shortfalls of the system alongside the benefits. These will be sat in the context of the proposed reform of the EPR system for packaging.

Whether you’re new to the regulations, wish to understand them a little more, or seek a solid grounding in the existing system to inform your views on the new proposals for EPR in the UK, this is the course for you.

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