20 April 2021 Online

Preparing for a Medium Risk Non-Hazardous Level 4 WAMITAB Qualification

The course is designed for new candidates that have recently registered or are planning to register with a Wamitab approved training provider.

The online session will provide a best practice guide on how to successfully complete a Wamitab Non-Hazardous Level 4 (6 Unit) Qualification course and explain the presenter’s individual way of preparing the below, while still being available to manage your business or role in the organisation.

  • On site evidence documents and annotations advice
  • Photographs of site operations
  • Witness statements
  • Portfolio for the training providers assessor visits
  • Story boards – knowledge and understanding requirements


The preparation course is divided in 6 mandatory units for anon-haz portfolio:

  • Maintain health and safety in the waste and resource management industry (OCS01)
  • Manage the environmental impact of work activities (OCS02)
  • Manage he movement, sorting and storage of waste (OCS05)
  • Manage the reception of non-hazardous waste (OCS12)
  • Manage transfer/disposal from non-hazardous waste treatment operations (OCS20)
  • Manage site operations for the treatment of non-hazardous waste (OCS28)

This presenter will run through each module providing guidance and advice on how to complete each one. To pass the course, answers must be site specific and matched to the candidate so there will be opportunities for participants to ask questions specific to their operation.

The presenter will explain the assessment criteria in a simple practical way, and how to match the evidence collected, file them in the candidate’s portfolio and make notes in the schedule of evidence.


  • Non hazardous transfer with treatment.
  • Treatment of land for reclamation, restoration or improvement.
  • Treatment of waste wood for recovery.
  • Mobile plant for treatment, reclamation, restoration or improvement.
  • Use of waste to manufacture timber or construction products
  • Material Recovery Facilities
  • Metal Recovery Site
  • ELV Sites
  • Other mobile treatment facilities (Non-hazardous)

This session will help candidates to understand the competence scheme in a simple practical way and mentor the candidate through the jungle of terminology and bureaucratic legislation.


We are also planning further sessions to look at the units for clinical and hazardous waste. If you would like to register your interest in either sessions, please CLICK HERE

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