North London Waste Authority Waste Prevention Exchange 2023

Date 18 May 2023
Location Online

Contact Maria Foley

Phone 020 3433 7549

The ninth annual Waste Prevention Exchange, brought to you by North London Waste Authority, will focus on the circular economy and the challenges and opportunities this brings to local authorities.

The conference will see a number of expert panellists discuss what it takes to establish a circular economy, and why it is important to understand the whole system in which we’re operating. It is this ‘systems thinking’ that allows us to identify the barriers to and opportunities within moving to a more circular economy. At the heart of the circular economy lies the chance to design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use, and regenerate natural systems. Currently, this vision is a utopia for local authorities battling with the outputs of the wasteful linear economy, but it could become a reality through a joined up approach across social, economic and environmental initiatives.

The event will feature a selection of circular economy specialists, waste sector leaders and academics who will present effective strategies and tangible insights, using examples of circularity in practice.

The Waste Prevention Exchange will take place online on May 18 2023.

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