Net Zero Conference

Date 16 March 2022 -
16 March 2022


Contact Aimee Mowat-Helling


Phone 02076334525

Net zero goals have never been more in focus. In a year of action, this conference brings together businesses, organisations, and local authorities in the waste and recycling industry to discuss an overview of the sector’s position and approach post COP26 and how the sector will drive success in the net zero sphere.

The topics covered will cover panel debates on carbon capture at energy from waste plants, expert outlooks on how the UK will change if it hits net zero, CO2 reduction potential in European waste management, and industry case studies on current leading projects from local authorities and organisations across the current industry.

This must-attend conference is set to be the forum in which the waste and recycling sector shares its considerable experience, advice, and foresights as we move into a net zero future.

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