IRRC – Waste-to-Energy in Vienna

Date 14 October 2019 -
16 October 2019
Location Vienna

October 14 and 15, 2019 + Extra Day

Following the positive experiences of the last years, together with Professor Dipl.-Ing.
Dr. techn. Franz Winter (Vienna University of Technology) and Professor Ing.
Dagmar Juchelková, Ph. D. (Technical University of Ostrava – VŠB-TUO) the programme of the next international congress on the subject Waste-to-Energy
will soon be published.

The IRRC is a forum for the exchange of information about materials flow management and closed substance cycle, applied technologies as well as organisational forms of countries that largely comply with the EU-norms and those that are only at the beginning of this development.

Internationally acknowledged speakers of the industry, from politics, science and technology will present the current themes and discuss them with the participants. The exchange of experiences, ideas, and concepts will give impulses for cooperation and is going to promote development particularly in the new EU-member states.

The topics covered this year are:

International Development

EU Policies and Development, Country Reports, Strategies

Waste Incineration

Municipal Solid Waste, Sewage Sludge, Hazardous Waste, Technologies of Waste Incineration, Energy Efficiency and Use, Boiler Cleaning, Experience with Materials and Corrosion, Flue Gas Treatment, CO2 Capture, Processing and Utilization of Incineration Bottom Ash

Alternative Waste-To-Energy Processes

Mechanical-Biological Treatment, Utilization of Solid Recovered Fuels, Pyrolysis and Gasification, Professor

On October 16 we offer a complementary programme: For those who want to delve deeper into the topic CO2 Capture and Utilization we offer a one-day seminar. Participants of the IRRC, can register for an excursion to waste treatment plants in Vienna.

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