WATCH THE RECORDING: Increase Efficiency of Collection Vehicles

Date 2 September 2015 -
2 September 2015
Location 13:00 - 14:00

Paperless routes, real-time communication and visibility of activity carried out in daily vehicle operations are the cornerstones of the most efficient waste and resource recovery companies. Join AMCS and SUEZ environnement for this free webinar to hear first-hand the benefits of going mobile to manage operations and drive greater profitability in collection services.


Coupled with back office transport planning and route optimisation, companies can:
• Reduce administration – move from paper to digital routes
• Maximise revenue – ensure all work is captured and invoiced automatically
• Increase efficiency – schedule ad hoc collections; track progress
• Manage operations in real-time – communications between driver and office, GPS tracking
• Improve customer service – proof of service with signatures, photo capture
• Ensure health and safety is at the centre of operations
• Improve business intelligence – track missed and unplanned collections


This hour long webinar features industry experts from SUEZ environnement and AMCS who will address the following areas:


Jim Wilks, IT Project Manager, SUEZ environnement UK will provide practical insights into how mobile solutions enable better management of waste collection services – tracking location and work progress, updating schedules.


Peter Bevers, Central Logistics Manager for Belgium, SUEZ environnement will look at how route optimisation has delivered efficiencies across their C&I, municipal, hazardous and skip business in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.


Eamon Hynes, Chief Product Owner at AMCS will discuss AMCS latest mobile solutions and planning technology and how they can transform operational efficiency and profitability.

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