WATCH THE RECORDING: Improving recycling rates: is it in your DNA?

Date 20 November 2019
Location Online

Contact Daniella Thomas

Phone 02076334500

Why reaching increased recycling targets may not be in your DNA

Join us for this insightful webinar and hear from the experts from the West London Waste Authority, SONECS and SUEZ recycling and recovery UK discussing the impact of unique characteristics of each local authority on their ability of reaching recycling targets.

Every local authority has different needs in terms of waste and resources management, with their unique requirements depending on a multitude of variables, such as size, population density and demographics, infrastructure and facilities, and rurality. These variables define a local authority’s unique characteristics, which we refer to as their ‘DNA’.

Having standardised national targets for waste and recycling applied across all local authorities does not make allowances for the variance in their make-up, and could lead to some authorities being unfairly targeted with objectives that cannot be achieved due to their DNA.

During this free webinar session, the speakers will demonstrate how the DNA of a local authority impacts their targets and expectations of the recycling levels. We will also explore how the introduction of a DRS scheme and EPR might impact recycling rates and what changes might be necessary throughout the entire supply chain to achieve the overall targets.

Hosted by Stuart Hayward-Higham, Technical Development Director at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, and Dr David Greenfield, Managing Director of SONECS, you’ll be guided through the development of the DNA model and be given the opportunity to pose questions. This session will also feature Emma Beal, Managing Director of West London Waste Authority, who has been spearheading programmes to improve recycling rates, to help achieve the targets aligned with the data-driven DNA model.

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