End of Waste Conference 2015

Date 26 March 2015
Location London

Website www.regonline.com

Contact Daniella Jarvie-Thomas

E-mail daniella.t@letsrecycle.com

Phone 020 7633 4524

The challenges of implementing complex EU End of Waste criteria in the UK were highlighted by speakers at the End of Waste and Quality Protocols Conference in 2014. Due to the success and high demand of the industry forum, letsrecycle.com is holding the third edition of this event in 2015 to provide further discussion on what is still a complex and relatively unknown subject. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from the regulator and hear best practice from industry leading experts. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Organisations interested in implementing end of waste criteria in their business operations, including:
  • Waste management companies
  • Waste producing businesses
  • Local authorities
  • Consultants to the sector
 Rate:  £195.00+VAT

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