Combined Authorities: Engaging your Stakeholders in Environmental & Climate Action

Date 11 July 2024
Location Online

Contact Maria Foley

Phone 020 3433 7549

Join Sustainability and Behaviour Change Consultant, Livvy Drake for this 1-hour introduction. You will gain insights on:

  • How to plan & start a behaviour change campaign
  • Key barriers & levers for change
  • Examples of how other local authorities have achieved change

You will also discover how the Sustainable Sidekicks can support you & your team with behaviour change training & campaign development.

Use behavioural science to achieve your stakeholder engagement change principles to make your climate & environmental campaigns more impactful.

In your combined authority work:

  • Are you tasked with engaging local stakeholders across your region with pro-enviro & climate action?
  • Do you have net-zero targets to get residents & businesses on board?
  • Do you want to develop campaigns, initiatives or communications across many local authorities?

As a combined authority you have an amazing opportunity to affect change, but engaging the wide range of your stakeholders can be challenging, especiually those who are not environmentally conscious.

Applying Behaviour Change principles could help you:

  • Understand the barriers & frictions to change
  • Identify the motivators & levers for change
  • Communicating in ways that engage a wider demographic of your audience
  • To make your campaigns and initiatives more effective, reach your targets, & drive real change.

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