Steel Can Prices

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Since February 2009, has provided an ex-works (excluding delivery) price for steel cans being purchased by typically medium-to-large sized businesses receiving material from merchants and local collectors.

This reflects the fact that the CanRoute system previously used by many collectors such as councils and waste companies to sell cans to steel giant Corus (now Tata) was wound down in late 2008 largely as a result of the slump in new steel production caused by the global recession.

Steel Can Prices

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In light of this, a price for Corus is not shown from January 2010 as the company now buys cans from the scrap sector, rather than directly from councils.

Note: Prices shown are ex-works. For prices ‘delivered in’, add circa £10-15 per tonne.

All prices shown are in £ per tonne.

Steel cans (ex-works)80 - 118-----
Steel cans (ex-works)------
blue 234 x 60
Powerday 234x120 21/11 Mick George 22/10/15 234x60 234 x 60 Novelis feb 16
Valpak Smart Solutions 1 234x60 T2E 234x60 august 2016 Bywaters