Textiles Sunday 25 September 2016
new pocket spring image 6 September 2016

TFR Group trials ‘automatic’ pocket spring mattress recycling

EXCLUSIVE: A prototype machine designed to recover pocket springs from mattresses has been unveiled by The Furniture Recycling Group in a bid to automate and speed up the recycling process. The system, which is already in ...


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East Africa is an important UK market (picture: LMB) 31 August 2016

Used Clothing Exports and East Africa


In this special report, Dr. Einir Young and  Jalia Nabukalu Packwood of Bangor University, take a look at the market challenges and development issues facing used clothing exports and East Africa. The Textiles Recycling Conference in London will...

Notting Hill Carnival took place on 28th and the 29th of August 31 August 2016

News in Brief (31/08/2016)


By George Don   With news on: Notting Hill clean up; Powerday sponsorship deal; Wiltshire clothes drive; UPM safety milestone, and West Oxfordshire food pledge.

Recycling of mattresses has increased, but is likely to be hit by poor market conditions 19 August 2016

Mattress recycling faces market challenges, report warns


Future mattress recycling capacity in the UK looks set to be hit by a drop in steel prices combined with an increase in the cost of insurance, an unprecedented report into the industry reveals. And, while the number of mattresses ...

Bin sensors Salvation Army 2016 4 August 2016

Salvation Army trials textile bank sensors


The Salvation Army is trialling monitoring technology in a proportion of its donation banks in a bid to reduce collection costs and oversee filling behaviour. The trial is aimed at enabling the charity’s network of ...

Defra is examining options for more producer responsibility regimes 15 July 2016

Defra examining producer responsibility options


Ministers at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have instructed officials to look at the options for introducing extended producer responsibility schemes for specific product lines. Sources at Defra have ...

David-Palmer-Jones-SUEZ 24 June 2016

EU’s role in standards highlighted


BREXIT: Leaders of the waste management, organics and used clothing sectors have expressed a range of views on today’s (24 June) referendum result, which put Leave ahead of Remain 52% to 48%. Waste company Suez highlighted ...

UK government has been urged to outline its stance on environmental policies ahead of negotiations on EU environmental policies 24 June 2016

Brexit: ‘Waste at bottom of in-tray warning’


The referendum vote in favour of leaving the European Union could place waste and recycling at the bottom of the Government’s in-tray, Britain’s waste management industry warned this morning.

East African countries are increasingly opposing trade in used clothing 8 June 2016

Used clothing exports to East Africa ‘under threat’


An increasing drive to promote domestic textile manufacturing in East Africa is threatening the trade in used clothing to the region, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has been told. The warning was delivered at a ...

The WRAP report takes a detailed look at prices for used clothing and textiles 29 April 2016

WRAP finds textiles export value remains high


Export prices for used clothing and textiles remain above levels achieved before the boom period seen after 2007, according to data published this week by the waste and resources charity WRAP. The positive note to export pricing ...

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