Organics Saturday 5 September 2015
Leaves swept from streets are currently not allowed for use in compost 26 August 2015

Letter: hope for use of street swept leaves in compost

Last week (August 20) reported on the results of a study into the use of leaves from ...


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Alexander Maddan 2 2015 25 August 2015

Agrivert secures new funding for two AD plants


Organics waste and sewage treatment solutions business Agrivert has completed a £96 million financing package to replace more expensive debt and allowing it to fund two new plants which are under construction. Announcing the ...

UK trade bodies have responded to the EU Commission's circular economy consultation 25 August 2015

‘Consistent’ waste reporting tops circular economy agenda


Harmonised waste reporting and mandatory separate biowaste collections are among the proposals put forward during the consultation process for the EU Commission’s ‘ambitious’ circular economy package. The Environmental ...

ENER-G biogas generation system at North British Distillery 25 August 2015

A guide to financial incentives for AD


Martin Wager, business development manager for ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, explains the financial benefits of anaerobic digestion and the UK government's renewables incentives available to developers. Anaerobic digestion ...

Michael Holder interviews Tom Beagan 20 August 2015

Surrey street leaves pose ‘low risk to health’ in compost


EXCLUSIVE: The use of Surrey’s street-swept leaves in composting poses only a ‘low risk to human health’ if the material is first screened and routinely monitored, a ‘very large’ study carried out by the county council has concluded...

The council is tendering its mixed recyclable contract for a possible eight years 19 August 2015

Westminster seeks to double recycling by 2020


Westminster city council is separately tendering its refuse, recycling and food waste treatment services with a view to achieve its aspirational recycling target of 35%. The London borough requires a contractor to treat and ...

Bioaerosol monitoring 12 August 2015

Concern over ‘more onerous’ bioaerosol monitoring


Organics recyclers have expressed concern over new draft guidance on the monitoring of bioaerosols which they believe puts forward proposals which could be too onerous and place extra costs on industry. Although not being ...

Still image of the council's compostable food waste bags taken from a video on the authority's website 10 August 2015

Former council worker charged over food waste bag theft


A former Salford city council employee has been bailed on charges of theft involving “a significant number” of the authority’s biodegradable food waste bags. 30-year-old Paul Strickland of Bolton Road, Worsley, is due to...

Communication literature included graphics to show how much food is wasted in Warwickshire 10 August 2015

Warwickshire food waste surge boosts recycling


A surge in food waste capture rates across Warwickshire has boosted recycling across the region, the county council has claimed. Project manager David Whitehouse told that the overall recycling rate for ...

Teignbridge residents will see changes to their recycling service from September 6 August 2015

Teignbridge to roll out separate food waste collections


Weekly separate food waste collections are due be phased in across Teignbridge, as the South Devon council prepares to alter its recycling services. Between September and November 2015, collections of food waste and dry ...

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