23 August 2018 by Joshua Doherty

Renewi’s Sinfin gasification plant ‘online this year’

Renewi has confirmed that its 190,000 tonne waste gasification treatment facility in Derbyshire is set to be fully operational this year, the company said.

RRS confirmed that testing is continuing, with 2 out of 3 ACT gasification lines are currently running on RDF (Picture: RRS)

The waste treatment facility in Sinfin has been built and will be operated by Resource Recovery Solutions (RRS) Derbyshire, the partnership company set up between Shanks Waste Management (now Renewi) and Interserve on behalf of Derby city council and Derbyshire county council.

The centre is the flagship part of a long-term waste contract with the two authorities and includes a mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility, a recycling plant and an energy from waste process.

RRS says the centre will divert up to 98% of the waste currently sent to landfill from homes and some businesses in Derby and Derbyshire.


In a statement last week, RRS confirmed that site testing “is continuing”, with two out of three ACT gasification lines currently processing RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), with the third line expected to be up and running soon.

“The turbine is also continuing its testing and is starting to generate some ‘power to Grid’ – it is performing well so far,” the statement said.

The first council bin lorries started deliveries to the site on Tuesday 14 August, the company said. These deliveries will build up over the next few weeks.

When contacted by letsrecycle.com, a spokesperson for Renewi added: “Commissioning is well underway with final optimising and testing progressing well. Full service commencement is still scheduled during 2018, once a full range of operational performance tests have been passed.”


However, it is understood that there have been reports of odour coming from the MBT facility. A spokesperson for Renewi said: “With the approval of the Environment Agency, we have been intermittently using atomisers at our Derby Waste Treatment Centre to neutralise odour. This is as a temporary measure during the plant’s commissioning phase until the Biofilter is fully operational and matured.”

The Environment Agency confirmed it has received “amenity complaints” at various stages of the commissioning process, regarding the “odour issues”. However, the Agency said it is “confident” that the operator is “working hard to identify the root cause of the problems” and to rectify them.


According to RRS, the centre has been built to “process waste from Derby and Derbyshire that residents do not or cannot recycle”.

Artists impression of the Sinfin Lane facility

The site was first proposed in 2009, and was subsequently rejected due to issues with traffic and air quality in a decision which was praised by local protest groups and the Friends of the Earth campaign group.

However, after taking the case to the High Court, this decision was overturned in 2011. After an unsuccessful appeal, the site got the go-ahead in 2013 and construction began a year later.

RRS announced that testing on the plant began last year (see letsrecycle.com story), with the plant also set to come online this year.


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