Environment Agency pleased with 96% response for landfill conditioning plans

The Environment Agency has said that virtually all UK landfill sites have submitted conditioning plans before the final deadline of 19 August 2002 – but a “handful” of operators did fail to hand in their plans.

Under the UK's implementation of the Landfill Directive, the country's landfill sites were originally supposed to submit site conditioning plans to the Agency by July 16 2002 (see letsrecycle.com story). This deadline was extended to August since 149 sites, out of the 1,045 sites the Agency believed would want to continue operations, failed to submit their plans on time.

A spokesperson for the Agency told letsrecycle.com that they are very pleased with the overall response. She said: “We have had virtually all of the plans in – we've had a 96% response rate. Obviously a couple of the hazardous waste sites that we were expecting plans from have in fact closed, and there are a handful of sites that should have submitted plans and haven't, so we will be calling them and asking some pertinent questions.”

The Agency believed around 355 sites issued with landfill conditioning packs in January would close down, and were not expected to return conditioning plans.

Out of the 149 sites that missed the July deadline, around 40 missed the final August deadline, and if sufficient reasons cannot be given to the Agency for the sites' failure to return conditioning plans, those sites will be forced to close.

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