HWRCs to close as part of Welsh lockdown

All Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in Wales will be shut as part of the ‘fire break’ two week national lockdown, announced by the Welsh first minister yesterday, 19 October.

The first minister of Wales announced the ‘fire break’ lockdown on 19 October (picture: Shutterstock)

From Friday, 23 October until 9 November, people will be told to stay at home, while pubs, restaurants and recycling centres will all be closed.

Mark Drakeford, the first minister of Wales, made a public announcement yesterday where he said: “On Friday last week I explained the very serious situation we are facing in Wales and asked once again for your help in bringing the virus under control.

“I also said I would report to you about the discussions we have held over the weekend. These discussions have shown that, once again, there are no easy choices in front of us as the virus is spreading rapidly in every part of Wales”.


When detailing the facilities which will be forced to close, he said: “Community centres, libraries, and recycling centres will close. Places of worship will be closed for normal services except for funerals or wedding ceremonies”.

“Every resident will once again be required to stay at home, and so services such as Household Waste Recycling Centres will be suspended”

Welsh Local Government Association spokesperson

In a statement to letsrecycle.com, a WLGA Spokesperson said: “The Welsh Government announced a national lockdown to commence on Friday 23 October and which will last until Monday 9 November. Every resident will once again be required to stay at home, and so services such as Household Waste Recycling Centres will be suspended. Kerbside collections will continue, however we would ask everyone to regularly check their local authority’s website for any changes to services in their areas.”


A HWRC facility in Powys, Wales, which will close from 18:00 on Friday until 9 November

The closure will kick in from 18:00 on Friday “until the start of Monday, 9 November.

James Kay, director of Resource Efficiency Wales, which provides technical support on reuse and recycling projects to the majority of local authorities in Wales, said: “All we know so far is that recycling centres will have to close at 18:00 on Friday. The first minister has said this will last for just over two weeks.

“Local authorities are now talking suppliers to tell them not to come to centres during this time, but I don’t anticipate a rush of local authorities trying to clear material as there is a quick turnaround for the majority of material streams.”

Following the end of the ‘fire break’ lockdown , a new set of national rules will be introduced, the Welsh government said, covering how people can meet and how the public sector and businesses operate.

Recycling centres in other parts of the UK will remain open as restrictions begin to tighten.


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One response to “HWRCs to close as part of Welsh lockdown

  1. The English Government have previously stated they now view HWRC’s as an essential service and therefore essential journey. It would be useful to know in advance of any last minute lockdown whether or not this position is likely to change.

    I do wonder if moving to compulsory mask wearing at sites would work and them remain open. The risks of course may vary between the predominantly outdoor facilities and those that are indoor/fully undercover.

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