30 August 2019

Why buying British is a strategy for success

Buying British is a strategy for success for a number of reasons, writes Brendan Murphy, chief executive at Egbert Taylor.

It was recently reported that UK manufacturing suffered its sharpest contraction in six years; a sobering thought, particularly given the current political uncertainty.

UK manufacturing is critical for delivering long-term economic growth. It’s also been a source of pride, not just for UK manufacturers but also UK citizens who, for many years, have been proud to be aligned with a country internationally renowned for quality and craftsmanship.

Brendan Murphy reasons that ‘Buying British’ has its advantages

Made in Britain is still a mark of quality. However, it’s one that is increasingly resonating internationally and, it would seem, losing credence with a UK audience.

For instance, international demand for Egbert Taylor’s bins has never been so high and our export division continues to grow 63 per cent year on year. Yet we’re noticing a growing resistance from UK contractors to purchase British made bins as, in our opinion, they increasingly lean towards cost over quality when it comes to container procurement – a shift that can only be addressed by cheaper imports from countries such as China.

Of course, Chinese imports are ubiquitous and in many cases, they meet a demand that UK companies alone cannot; however, from a waste collection perspective, buying cheaper bins risks short-term gains in return for long-term pain; the ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ motto is relevant here.


UK manufacturing has never been more important to the economy. Taylor bins, for example, continue to be handcrafted using the highest-grade materials sourced within the UK – something we’ve been doing since 1962.

By buying British, you’re not only buying quality and buying responsibly, but you’re also keeping UK manufacturing alive, and that’s surely a strategy for success.


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