Veolia launches commercial hazardous waste service

Veolia has launched a service aimed at helping small businesses identify potentially hazardous material.

Veolia hazardous waste
The service will enable small businesses to segregate hazardous materials (Picture:Shutterstock)

Called Ecoservices, the waste management company said this will help businesses “efficiently dispose and treat small amounts of all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste”.

As part of the service, Veolia will offer small businesses a range of options to segregate hazardous waste such as aerosols, batteries, light bulbs and paints.

Once collected, the materials are delivered to one of Veolia’s licensed facilities where the items undergo further checks prior to treatment, disposal or recycling.


Aimed at a wide range of businesses and other organisations, the service will deliver a “tailored approach specifically designed to meet the needs of each site,” Veolia said.

Veolia says the service also “generate all the required regulatory paperwork to demonstrate that the necessary pre-acceptance and disposal considerations have been completed”.

Applicants to the service will be given a tailored collection system for their hazardous waste.

This could be through a service called Ecobox, where one container for small amounts of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, or other storage containers “to suit individual customer needs”.


Donald Macphail, chief operating officer – treatment at Veolia said: “This new service helps to guarantee compliance for our customers and increases the efficiency of their operations whilst reducing costs and saving them time.

“Each customer benefits from our experience and knowledge to ensure they receive the best solution for disposal of these materials. This can lower costs and simplifies the process, ensures hazardous waste streams are managed safely, and prevents potential penalties”.

Veolia explained that the service could be used by hospitals, manufacturing operations or businesses with damaged/returned stock items such as cosmetics and perfumes.

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