Susie Burrage becomes BIR’s first female president

The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has announced the appointment of Susie Burrage OBE the first female President in the organisation’s 75-year history. 

Susie Burrage OBE of Recycled Products Ltd has taken over the role from outgoing President Tom Bird at the organisation’s Annual General Assembly yesterday (23 May). Ms Burrage accepted her presidency at the BIR’s World Recycling Convention in Amsterdam this week, where the organisation’s 75th birthday was also celebrated.

Ms Burrage commented: “It is a true honour to accept my Presidency in the birthplace of BIR and at such a record-breaking convention.”

“My mission is to build on the incredible platform created by Tom Bird, the BIR Executive Committee and the secretariat under the leadership of Arnaud Brunet. My vision is to increase the volume on the environmental impact we make and showcase BIR and recycling as the sustainability-forward, innovation-rich and economically vital industry that it is.”

Susie Burrage has been appointed the BIR’s first female president (picture: BIR)

The BIR outlined that Ms Burrage represents recyclers at international level, working with lobbyists and policymakers across a range of issues that affect the industry globally. The organisation added that she regularly promotes the environmental benefits of recycling in the media and at conferences worldwide, highlighting the importance of recycling in achieving net zero targets.


Ms Burrage has held a number of roles within the BIR, including the position of a Chair of the BIR Ambassadors Committee into which she was appointed at BIR’s Dubai Convention in October 2022. In addition, she is Patron for the Bureau of Middle East Recycling as well as board member of BIR’s Non-Ferrous Metals Division.

According to BIR, Ms Burrage has also been an active member of other recycling organisations. Some of these were the European Recycling Industries Confederation (EuRIC) and the Global Recycling Foundation. Ms Burrage has held several roles in the former, one being President of the European Metal Trade & Recycling Branch, BIR added.

The organisation explained that Ms Burrage is the fourth generation of her family in recycling and now runs Recycled Products which she founded in 2001. Additionally, she has held the position of President of the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) since 2016 and been an active member of the BIR World Council of Recycling Association.

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