SUEZ UK chosen for Somerset collections contract

Somerset Waste Partnership has today (13 May 2019) announced that it has selected SUEZ recycling and recovery as its preferred bidder for a collections contract from June 2020.

The Partnership said SUEZ would help to deliver a comprehensive new recycling service across Somerset through the Partnership’s new “Recycle More” service “at a more affordable cost” – the current contractor is Kier.

(l-r) Steve Holgate (SUEZ Director of Municipal Services) and Mickey Green (SWP Managing Director) briefing staff at the Partnership’s Bridgwater depot this morning (13 May)

Under the new contract, there will be “new vehicles operating from refurbished depots and collecting a much wider range of recycling every week, including more plastic packaging”.

The contract, once confirmed, will see SUEZ collecting waste and recycling from more than 250,000 households across the whole of Somerset. And, three-weekly collections for residual waste will be introduced over a phased period.

Worth £210 million over its initial 10-year duration, with an option to extend for a further 10 years, the contract will employ more than 460 people.

In addition to existing services, which include food waste collection, Recycle More will see more recyclables collected, including plastic pots, tubs and trays; Tetra Paks and other food and drink cartons; small electrical items; and household batteries.

By collecting the majority of recyclable household material each week, Recycle More will reduce the volume of left-over general rubbish in residents’ bins, which will subsequently be collected every three weeks. The new service will be introduced in a phased way over two years, starting in June 2020.


The Somerset Waste Partnership commented that: “Recycle More is one part of the transformation of all Somerset waste services, with new materials taken and upgraded opening times at all recycle sites, and a new deal already agreed that, from 2020, will move almost all the rubbish currently landfilled in Somerset to a brand new Resource Recovery Centre in Avonmouth, where it will be used to generate electricity.”

Kier is the current contractor and staff involved will transfer to SUEZ when the new contract begins in March 2020. All current staff were told about the new contract at a briefing with the Partnership, Kier and members of SUEZ’s senior leadership team this morning, which took place at each of the five depot locations in Somerset.

One of the current Somerset Waste Partnership vehicles operated by Kier


SWP Managing Director Mickey Green said: “We are delighted to have found a partner that shares our vision for creating an exemplar service to make a step change in Somerset’s recycling rates; and who matched our absolute commitment to environmental quality and customer service, while also delivering excellent value for money.

“We have run a robust procurement process and selected SUEZ as our preferred bidder to deliver these new improved services at a more affordable cost for the residents we serve.

“Our partnership with SUEZ will enable Somerset to continue its history of innovation, and help residents drive up the recycling rate with the enhanced kerbside sort system that ensures we collect high-quality materials and focus on waste as a resource not something which is thrown away.”


CEO of SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, David Palmer-Jones, said: “We are naturally very pleased to be selected by the Somerset Waste Partnership to help deliver on the ambitions of Recycle More, and look forward to developing a strong partnership which reflects our mutual commitment to innovation and leadership within the sector.

“We look forward to developing a strong partnership which reflects our mutual commitment to innovation and leadership within the sector”

David Palmer-Jones

“SUEZ has considerable experience delivering source-segregated recycling collection systems which maximise recycling opportunities for residents and we look forward to bringing that expertise to this partnership.

“We are committed to helping residents maximise both the quantity and quality of their recycling. Being able to collect quality recycled materials is key to a circular economy and this comprehensive collection service will leave both Somerset and SUEZ well positioned to meet the future needs, and seize the opportunities, of radical new waste and recycling policies set to be introduced across the UK over the next decade.”


The first collections by SUEZ are due on Monday 30 March 2020 with complete roll-out of Recycle More  by March 2022 The specification requires that Recycle More must be rolled out in five phases within two years of commencement, including a bedding in period of the months and allowing for a period of “learning and reflection” in March and April 2021.

Bids were evaluated on the ‘most economically advantageous tender’ (MEAT) basis with 60% of the score on the price and financial evaluation and 40% on quality.

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