Recresco wins glass supply deals with Welsh councils

Glass recycling company Recresco has won 12-month contracts of undisclosed value with two Welsh councils for the supply of kerbside-collected glass into its Cwmbran depot in South Wales.

Recresco opened its glass recycling plant in Cwmbran in 2010

The contracts, which began in April, see Recresco reprocess around 2,500 tonnes of commercial and household bottle glass from Torfaen borough council and around 4,200 tonnes from Powys county council.

The contract with Torfaen is an extension of an already established 12-month agreement, Recresco says, while the deal with Powys was awarded following a successful tender process.

Fraser Macintyre, Recresco’s business development manager, said: “We are proud to work with both Torfaen and Powys Councils to support recycling and waste management efforts in Wales.

“We are firmly committed to our presence in the region and are proud to serve the local community with waste management strategies and ongoing continuous employment.”

Recresco will sort and process the glass at the Cwmbran plant before the material is transported to Torfaen-based Knauf Insulation for the manufacture of fibreglass.


Representing an estimated population of more than 93,000, Torfaen borough council had a household waste recycling rate of 62% in the 2020/21 financial year.

In Torfaen, recyclables are collected weekly in 55l black boxes (picture: Torfaen borough council)

The council provides a weekly two-stream dry recycling collection service. Glass bottles and jars, paper, and plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays are collected from a black box.

In 2020/21, the council recycled 3,254 tonnes of glass, according to the Welsh Government.

Maria Challenger, contracts officer at Torfaen, said of the deal with Recresco: “We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Recresco.

“Environmental impact and local employment are two areas that are very high on the councils’ agenda.

“By working with Recresco, we not only ensuring mixed glass kerbside collections are recycled into new products. We also know we are sustaining jobs in the region and fuelling the local economy.”


Powys county council has an estimated population of more than 133,000 and had a recycling rate of 66% in 2020/21.

It is reassuring to know that by working with Recresco, collected glass will be used sustainably

Nigel Brinn, Powys county council

The council provides residents with a weekly multi-stream kerbside recycling service. Three bins are provided: a 55-litre red box topped with a net for plastics and cans, a 44-litre light blue box for glass bottles and jars, and a 44-litre dark blue box with a lid for paper and card.

The Welsh Government says Powys recycled 5,285 tonnes of glass in 2020/21.

Nigel Brinn, executive director for economy and environment at Powys county council, said: “We have worked with Recresco in the past and have always been impressed by the company’s professionalism and commitment to quality.”

He added: “It is reassuring to know that by working with Recresco, collected glass will be used sustainably and will help serve our environmental and circular economy goals.”


Recresco operates out of two plants, at Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, and at the Springvale Industrial Estate in Cwmbran.

An example of the glass from commingled collections processed by Recresco

The Cwmbran site was established in 2010 following a successful bid to supply Knauf Insulation with reprocessed glass for fibreglass production, a relationship which continues today (see story).

Recresco says it has invested approximately £1.2m in sorting and processing machinery upgrades at the site in recent years (see story). It estimates that the upgrade programme has increased the site’s output by as much as 30%.

In 2020, Recresco was awarded £250,000 as a Welsh Economic Futures grant to support its continued development in the region (see story).

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