24 January 2020 by James Langley

Norfolk to reduce waste sent to Great Blakenham

Norfolk county council has come to an agreement with Suffolk county council which will allow for some of its residual waste to continue to be treated as part of the latter’s waste contract with Suez.

While the current arrangement, which runs to 2021, sees 40,000 tonnes per year of Norfolk’s waste sent to Suez’s Great Blakenham plant, the extended agreement will be for half of this and will run until 2027.

Suez’s Great Blakenham plant, where Norfolk currently sends 40,000 tonnes of waste per year

Meanwhile, for the vast majority of its residual waste, Norfolk  put out a contract notice yesterday, January 23, seeking services for the treatment and disposal of 180,000 tonnes a year of local authority collected residual waste.

“However, the amount will be variable over the period of the contract and this tonnage is not warranted or guaranteed. Tenders dealing with all or part of this requirement are acceptable,”  the tender document says.

A report accepted by Norfolk county council’s cabinet meeting on 13 January reads: “The arrangement with Suffolk county council provides value for money, diverts waste from landfill and its continuation allows further collaboration between the two county councils for the sustainable management of left-over rubbish.”


Since 2014 Norfolk county council has had an agreement for around 40,000 tonnes a year of its residual waste to be treated at Suez’s Great Blakenham energy from waste facility.

“The arrangement with Suffolk county council provides value for money”

Norfolk county council

A four-year extension to the agreement, which was initially only to be on a short-term basis, was first agreed in June 2015 (see letsrecycle.com story).

Suffolk has agreed to continue the agreement beyond 2021 to 2027, initially for around 20,000 tonnes a year, on terms that are of “good value for both parties”.

Norfolk estimates that more than £1 million of savings would be achieved by continuing the agreement during the six years from 2021, when compared with current contracts and costs over the period of the agreement and when prudent assumptions are used.


  • Meanwhile, an announcement on the successful bidder for the £250 million collections contract for three Norfolk councils – North Norfolk, Breckland and King’s Lynn and West Norfolk – is expected imminently. Agreed behind closed doors on 6 December, it is to be awarded either to FCC Environment or to Serco, who were thought to be the only bidders.

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