14 March 2017 by Will Date

LWARB to target flats for recycling boost

The London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) is to launch a ‘Flats Taskforce’ aimed at improving access to recycling services for residents in high rise flats across the capital.

LWARB is to contribute £1 million to the taskforce and is looking for funding partners to contribute to the scheme.

Flats across London are to be the target of LWARB’s Flats Taskforce

The initiative was among a number of measures set out in a new business plan agreed as part of LWARB’s 2017-2020 business plan, which was approved at a meeting yesterday (13 March).

The meeting was the first to have been overseen by the organisation’s new chair, the former WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin.

Among the other measures agreed as part of the business plan were proposals for a 65% by 2030 recycling rate for the waste from London’s residents and businesses.


Other funding is to be made available through LWARB’s £3 million Circular Economy Accelerator programme, a £14 million circular economy venture capital fund and a £1.5 million investment into a larger circular economy business development capital fund – details of which are to be announced shortly.

Commenting on the business plan, Dr Goodwin, said: “I am determined that LWARB will continue to make a significant contribution to help London be a global leader in sustainable resource management.

“This business plan describes the way in which LWARB will support delivery against some challenging objectives through its pioneering programmes of work. We know that the plan and LWARB will need to be flexible and adapt as the Mayor’s policies develop, but the need for action is such that we have decided to publish this plan now.”

London Conference

London boroughs will meet on Thursday (16 March) to discuss the future of recycling in the capital at the seventh annual London Conference, hosted by letsrecycle.com. Visit the website www.london-conf.com for more details.

Details of the business plan have emerged as the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has expressed concern over the impact of Britain’s exit from the European Union on the environment.


The Mayor has today called for the establishment of a new Environment Act to safeguard the UK environment.

He said: “Our relationship with the EU has been particularly important for London’s environment. Our homes, vehicles and appliances are more energy-efficient, our water is cleaner and better protected, harmful emissions are on a long term decline and we produce less waste. This has all been helped by environmental protections and targets driven by EU directives, regulations and standards.

“The Government should legislate for a new Environment Act to ensure that the UK has an equivalent or better level of protection than in the EU, enshrining key environmental safeguarding principles such as polluter pays, environmental rights for citizens and the precautionary principle. It should also ensure that the necessary powers and resources are devolved to the authorities best placed to tackle their environmental issues and targets.”

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