Investment needed for 65% recycling, Cory says

Cory has said that the UK’s ability to achieve a 65% recycling target by 2035 will be “hampered” without more measures to “stimulate demand” for recycled materials.

The company plans to fit carbon capture storage to its EfW plant in Belvedere

In its latest sustainability report published yesterday (6 December), the London-based waste management company committed to supporting the government in achieving the recycling target, however urged the need for investment in domestic reprocessing and manufacturing activities.

The company explained that it is “essential” that the Extended Producer Responsibility reform provides “real incentives” for manufacturers to capture, reclaim and use as much post-consumer material as possible.

It continued: “We hope these themes will be revisited as the UK Government develops its post-Brexit industrial strategy.

“Cory will continue to work with policymakers and customers to further increase UK recycling levels, maximising the emissions benefits and driving down contamination of materials collected for recycling through improved messaging and engagement of the public and businesses.”

Net zero

Cory also committed to reaching net zero across its entire operations by 2040, which follows last month’s announcements to apply carbon capture technology to its existing energy from waste (EfW) facility and the new, adjacent facility– expected to be operational by 2026 – in Belvedere, southeast London.

The company claims that this project could deliver 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 savings by 2030.

Cory also pledged to continue saving emissions through truck movements by transporting its waste on barges on the River Thames.

According to the report, the company transported 800,000 tonnes of residual waste on the Thames in 2020. Transporting waste on the river Thames is thought by the company to save around 100,000 truck movements a year.

‘Critical role’

Dougie Sutherland, CEO of Cory, said: “We’ve accelerated our sustainability strategy despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, with meaningful delivery across a range of areas. The waste industry plays a critical role in shaping a better future for our communities and the environment.

Dougie Sutherland, CEO of Cory

“We appreciate the urgency required to address the climate crisis, and that’s why we’ve committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. We’ve already started on our journey, from helping to develop one of UK’s largest heat networks, to reducing our energy consumption and undertaking research and development into low-carbon river transportation.

“Capturing carbon from our energy from waste process and exploring opportunities to remove plastics from residual waste are critical next steps. Delivering in these areas will make a real difference to how we operate as a business”.


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