Householders urged to recycle during World Cup

By Michael Holder

The Waste & Resources Action Programme is hoping to encourage consumers to cut waste and recycle more during the 2014 World Cup, with a range of promotional resources for councils and businesses now available.

World Cup 2014 kicks off in Brazil on Thursday (June 12) and WRAP has produced a free-to-use promotional resources pack with online banners, supporter badges, editable posters, Facebook cover images and information on how best to promote recycling and minimise waste throughout the tournament.

Football fans are being urged to recycle cans and food packaging during the World Cup this summer
Football fans are being urged to recycle cans and food packaging during the World Cup this summer

The pack includes suggested social media postings and tips on how people holding barbecues or gatherings for a televised football match can best avoid food and packaging waste. It also urges householders to clean items before placing them out for recycling in order to avoid contamination.

With a vast number of football matches to be broadcast, it is also reminding the public to recycle their old model at charity shops or through websites such as Freecycle and Freegle. Or, if the TV no longer works, it can be taken to a recycling centre, WRAP says.

The Programme also suggests taking old, unwanted football shirts to recycle banks or local charity shops if councils do not offer household collections, while charities Football 4 Africa and Kits 4 Causes can also pass donated football strips on to those in need.

WRAP has also highlighted that the current football shirt worn by the England team is made from 100% recycled polyester, which comes from an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles.

Recycle Week 2014

The 2014 World Cup coincides with the 11th annual Recycle Week 2014 which takes place between June 16-22, for which WRAP has produced a number of promotional materials for councils and businesses to spread the recycling message in England, Wales and Scotland.

A number of events will take place across the UK as part of the week-long campaign, under the theme Recycling at Home and Away.

WRAP resources include a promotional banner for Recycle Week 2014
WRAP resources include a promotional banner for Recycle Week 2014

According to Recycle Now, the week is aimed at: encouraging people to recycle more things more often by thanking them for their efforts and showing what more can be done such as explaining the importance of recycling good quality materials and reducing contamination.

Included in WRAPs Recycle Week resource pack is information on how to set up recycling systems in the work place or community sites, and recommends encouraging recycling by removing under-desk bins and discussing benefits of sustainable resource management.

The pack also suggests that retailers incentivise recycling by running a Recycle Week competition; organising swap shops to pass on unwanted items; and offering incentives to customers who reuse their plastic bags.

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Recycle Week 2014

Suggestions to promote the week for local authorities include teaming up with schools to promote the recycling message among pupils and running competitions to find local community recycling champions.

The word cup and Recycle Week resources are available on the WRAP website.


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