Equipment news round-up (25/11/21)

With news on: TOMRA launches wood distinguishing technology; UKR installed Liebherr machine for tyre recycling; HAAS announces hybrid shredder; Stena recycling opens X-Ray sorting centre; and, AMCS to further digitise systems for metal recyclers

TOMRA launches wood distinguishing technology

Sensor-based sorting manufacturer, TOMRA Recycling, has announced the launch of its “deep learning” technology, which can distinguish between different types of wood-based materials.

Recycling equipment
The company has combined its AutoSort technology with its deep learning-based sorting add-on, Gain

The company said it has combined its AutoSort technology with its deep learning-based sorting add-on, Gain.

According to TOMRA, the technology can sort Grade A wood  (non-processed wood) from Grade B wood (processed wood products such as medium-density fiberboard).

The application uses technology to sort and extract impurities that couldn’t previously be detected and cleans up the real wood fraction.

Philipp Knopp, product manager at TOMRA Recycling, commented: “Wood recycling is a fast-evolving market, with increasingly stringent legislation being introduced in a number of regions globally to move towards a more circular economy model.

“Our AutoSort with Gain solution uses deep learning technology to create a robust and flexible solution which we are confident will be welcomed by wood good producers across to globe. It will also enable our customers to future-proof their operations as they will be better equipped to adapt and react to any future changes in the global wood recycling market such as new legislation. We are delighted to be the first in the market to offer this artificial intelligence-based solution.”

UKR installed Liebherr machine for tyre recycling

Biotechnology company, UKR, has installed a Liebherr machine to assist in its tyre recycling process.

Recycling equipment
The company recycles tyres at its facility in Motherwell

UKR recently opened a tyre recycling facility in Motherwell, Scotland, and added the A 914 handler to cope with an increasing volume of incoming and outgoing loads.

It has also been installed alongside an L 538 loading shovel supplied by Liebherr Rental.

The A 914 has an FPT 4-cylinder diesel delivering 143hp and sits on a pair of heavy-duty 32t-rated drive axles.

According to Liebherr, a front and rear blade, and independently controlled stabilisers ensure the machine remains stable on uneven surfaces while a hydraulic rising cab means the operator can have an eye-level view from ground level.

Site manager Alex Torrance said: “We are not using the machine to stockpile material or load any outgoing vehicles. The mono boom option allows the Liebherr to undertake the most important job we have on the site and that is simply to load the material into the Untha shredder – something it does very effectively.”

HAAS announces hybrid shredder

Recycling equipment
The shredder reduces the volume of materials

HAAS has announced the introduction of its hybrid shredder, which is designed specifically to reduce the volume of a wide variety of materials, from waste wood, biomass and railway sleepers through to mattresses and mixed construction waste.

A hybrid of the TYRON pre-shredder, acting as a mobile, electric version, it has an electric motor instead of a diesel engine and, according to HAAS, combines the flexibility of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of a stationary machine.

The manufacturer added that mobility is “ensured” by a tracked chassis in combination with a small diesel power unit.

The company explained: “The electric motor offers a clear advantage in energy efficiency compared to the diesel engine due to its high efficiency. With constantly high throughput rates, up to 70% of energy costs can be saved compared to diesel-hydraulic driven versions.

“For the shredding process, the hybrid Tyron is connected to the power grid via a quick-connect coupling. The new Tyron hybrid offers maximum efficiency and mobile flexibility with an environmental bonus.”

Stena recycling opens X-Ray sorting centre

Danish metal recycling business, Stena Recycling, have opened its “X-ray Sorting Centre” in Roskilde, 30km to the west of Copenhagen.

Recycling equipment
Denmark’s environment minister unveiled the machine

At the facility, the “x-ray” technology will work to separate impurities from secondary metals.

According to the company, the x-ray technology will enable the secondary raw material to be screened in order to ensure “consistent high levels of purity”.

The centre was opened by Denmark’s environment minister, Lea Wermelin, and the CEO of the company, Henrik Grand Petersen.

Jesper Fournaise, sales manager  at Stena recycling: “When sorting with x-ray technology, density is the key distinguishing criterion. Classifications are very precise and enable high quality metals to be produced. Here the sorting machine is used to separate free heavy metals, aluminium compounds, free magnesium and wrought and cast aluminium parts, for example”.

AMCS to further digitise systems for metal recyclers

Waste technology company, AMCS, has announced changes to its business functionality, with its AMCS Platform Winter 21 Release.

Recycling equipment
The release introduces changes to the business

The release builds on the efforts by the company to “further digitise and drive efficiencies” for metal and commodity recyclers.

With this release, AMCS is introducing a range of “advanced” recycling features including new processes, workflows, and functionality to manage service operations for scrap metal recycling companies.

Highlights include a touch screen scale station, an extended inventory management and automated period closing.

It also includes new production management capabilities that will enable recyclers to record their processing activity.

Elaine Treacy, global product director at AMCS said: “2021 has been an exciting year in the progression of the AMCS Platform, as a key technology enabler for the circular economy. The new advanced recycling features in this release will not only accelerate the digitalization of services but also allow our customers to generate added value through the entire process”.


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