‘Circular economy is part of climate response’, says Recolight chief

The recent heatwave is a reminder of the need to tackle climate change, the chief executive of the lighting industry recycling scheme Recolight has said.

Nigel Harvey, chief executive of Recolight, highlighted the need for a circular economy

Speaking at a stakeholder event in London last week, just days after the 40℃ heatwave hit many parts of the UK for two days, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey urged politicians – including the future prime minister, whether  Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss – to ensure actions to counter climate change were maintained and expanded.

Mr Harvey said: “The unprecedented heatwave we recently experienced is a salutary reminder of the need for us all to redouble our efforts to tackle the climate emergency.  And that has been one of the key drivers for the way Recolight has transformed its business over the last three years.  The circular economy is a vital component of the response to the climate crisis.”

And, the CEO explained the work of Recolight which he said is more than ever “supporting a circular economy”.

This includes workshops “to help lighting producers design for circularity, and to navigate the emerging voluntary and mandatory specifications.” Also provided is a certification service which will help manufacturers” demonstrate the their level of compliance with the CIBSE TM66 circular lighting standard.”


Mr Harvey highlighted how the activities and changes which Recolight has implemented in a move to try to reduce the level of luminaire recycling in favour of reuse of old lighting equipment, and of excess lighting equipment stock, wherever possible.

Climate change is one of the criteria in our tenders

– Nigel Harvey, chief executive of Recolight

“At Recolight, we are also doing our best to ‘walk the talk’ on the climate,” he explained. “ All our events are hosted at locations that favour travel by public transport.  Climate action is one of the criteria in our tenders. And we’ve set an annual internal target for all staff, to reduce the carbon footprint of our lamp collection services by 10% this year.

“It is particularly important to mention the pivotal role of the Recolight team in this transformation. I am immensely proud of their passion, energy, and commitment.  None of this would have happened without them.”

WEEE compliance

Recolight’s core business is the operation of the lighting industry’s main WEEE compliance scheme.  The scheme provides waste collection and treatment services to the customers of its members, in order to ensure that all scheme members comply with their recycling obligations.  Recolight’s waste lamp collections play a significant role in ensuring that lamp recycling levels are maximised.

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