Cawleys launches battery recycling division

Luton-based waste management company Cawleys has today (1 March) launched a lithium battery recycling division.

Called ‘Lithium Battery Recycling Solutions’, Cawleys says the new division of the company is “a natural expansion” of its hazardous waste department and will specialise in the collection, transportation, dismantling and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

The correct recycling of Lithium ion batteries is important, as they are often the cause of fires

The company said the new company will recycle batteries at its “specialist workshop”, which allows for approved dismantlers to “safely extract all the valuable elements for full recycling at approved production facilities”.

The addition of a battery recycling arm will expand the range of services offered by Cawleys, which includes general waste collections and skip hire, as well as  the recycling of glass, organics and hazardous waste.

Growing demand

The company said the service has been developed to meet the growing demand for electrical power from electric vehicles as well as machinery and other areas.

Lithium specialist Alan Colledge is to take on the position of technical director, while Tony Goodman will become the new venture’s lithium business development consultant.

Lithium specialist Alan Colledge (centre) with two members of the Cawleys recycling team

Mr Colledge said: “This launch involves working with many household names in vehicle and machinery production, as well as research and development. The automotive industry, along with many other with a reliance on electric power will be highly reliant on services such as ours in the very near future and we are delighted to be providing such a unique and vital service.”

Part of the Lithium battery recycling solutions’ launch will be a website, showcasing various stages of battery treatment and recycling.
It will also inform on the services offered, provide insight into electrical power and battery disposal and highlight the sectors that the division will be operating in.

‘Sustainable solution’

Lithium battery production relies heavily on the mining of raw materials such as cobalt and nickel, Cawleys explained. Recycling the lithium batteries currently in use can reduce the reliance on mining these valuable elements, providing a “sustainable, full-circle solution”.
Dealing with the batteries compliantly at their end of life is a health and safety requirement as they are a known fire risk.

Lithium battery recycling solutions is planned to provide a completely regulated service from the safe collection of the batteries to transportation, dismantling and recycling them.

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