Car industry to strive for circular economy

With the second annual Global Car Recycling Day approaching (20 June), organisations have come together to urgently call for sustainable car production, and that the public and manufacturers are more aware of the importance of this.

Those taking part include British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), CarTakeBack Scrap Car Recycling, Clearway Metal Recycling, BVSF, Copart, The Green Parts Specialist, Ecobat, Renault Group and Vehicle Recyclers’ Association.

Over 1.4 billion cars are said to be on the roads worldwide, and vehicle manufacturers are “working hard” to make new cars more sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as commit to a circular economy within the industry.

While there is no physical rally (although it does coincide with the International Automotive Recycling Conference in Brussels, which is said to support the initiative), the companies insisted it has “never been more vital” to raise awareness of “responsible” vehicle recycling.

‘Environmentally responsible choice’

The statement reads: “Our organisations are all involved in different stages of a car’s life – from conception to end-of-life vehicle recycling – and have very different operations and priorities. But we are all aligned in our belief that the future of the entire car industry can only be successful and sustainable, with effective and responsible car recycling taking place across the globe.

“Outside of the countries that have strict environmental regulations, at the end of a vehicle’s life, the right choices are not always clear or indeed available to the public. It’s going to take everyone, from public demand, car industry innovation and investment, to support from governments, to drive the improvement of car recycling regulations.

“We are supporting Global Car Recycling Day, hoping to spread awareness, so the public makes, and has the option to make, an environmentally responsible choice when their vehicle gets to the end of its life, wherever they are in the world.”

The group has said that many members of the public are still “unaware” that cars can be effectively recycled. There are also countries which have insufficient infrastructure and/or a lack of regulations to ensure car recycling is carried out “safely and effectively”.

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