ByrneLooby to train Agency staff

Engineering consultancy firm ByrneLooby has been awarded a three year deal to provide training services in advanced landfill engineering for the Environment Agency.

Sohar industrial waste handling and treatment facility, which ByrneLooby helped deliver

An Irish-UK engineering consultancy, ByrneLooby is a subsidiary of the Spanish engineering, technology and consultancy specialist Ayesa. The acquisition of ByrneLooby by Ayesa was announced at the beginning of February this year.


The Environmental Services team, which is based in St Helen’s, has worked with the Agency regularly over the past decade, the company said. It provided the Agency staff with training in the geotechnics of landfill engineering, geosynthetics design and practical installation of both mineral and geosynthetic liners.

John Martin, director of environmental services at ByrneLooby, Ayesa commented: “We are delighted to have been appointed to provide this training to the EA to support them in achieving their goals to achieve a better place for the environment.

“Training is an important part of ensuring landfills are designed, constructed and capped in line with EA protocols. Our courses are presented by industry-leading experts with decades of experience in their field who are able to pass on their knowledge to a younger generation.”

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