WATCH THE RECORDING: Transforming municipal collection services through use of vehicle data systems

Date 18 January 2017

Contact Ali McQueen

Phone 0207 633 4518

Watch this webinar and gain insight into how the on-board digital data system, CORE, has removed the burden of paperwork, made a significant time and cost saving and improved the productivity of the municipal collection crews at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK.

One of SUEZ’s municipal customers, Rochford District Council, has the third best recycling rate in England. Hear from Lesley Athey, their Principle Street Scene Officer and find out how CORE has improved service delivery to residents, made the audit process more robust and ultimately reduced costs.

What do our speakers say? Melvin Dhorasoo, Business Improvement & Mobilisation Manager at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK said: “A range of private sectors joined a digital revolution and Local Authorities are following suit. As recycling and waste management contractors we aim to collect smart data at the business level and pass financial savings and other benefits to our customers.

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