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21 March 2018

WEBINAR: Driving sustainability and reducing costs in the NHS through effective waste management

CONTACTDaniella Jarvie-Thomas

PHONE020 7633 4524


Ahead of NHS Sustainability Day, join us for this informative and practical webinar to learn best practice ideas and innovations in healthcare waste management that are helping NHS trusts to reach sustainability targets whilst reducing costs.

The webinar will enable you to better understand the opportunities afforded by such initiatives and understand how to overcome some of the challenges and stumbling blocks that are often in the way. Whilst relating to an NHS setting, the topics and challenges discussed are prevalent across many sectors. During this hour-long session, our panel of experts will put forward and discuss and debate topics such as:

  1. Reducing waste sent for high temperature incineration: how best to segregate waste to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions and increase cost savings.
  2. Increasing recycling rates: and recovery of wastes such as plastics, lighting, lamps, etc.
  3. Issues with mergers of NHS Trusts: alignment of procedures and best practice across sites.
  4. Joining the dots: there is a lack of connection between waste, procurement and services being delivered (by NHS Trusts). These connections need to be made to make any significant reductions in waste being produced.
  5. Internally driven improvements: these require resource, time and willing – difficult to achieve in a CIP culture and a system under strain just to deliver BAU.
  6. The perception of cost efficiencies: Why is it perceived that relatively low financial savings can be achievable through improved practice and how to overcome these objections?

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