The Waste Biorefinery Platform – The Future of AD in the UK

Date 21 May 2015

The amount of organic waste treated by anaerobic digestion has doubled since 2009 with around 11 million wet tonnes treated annually.  However there are a number of threats to the continued expansion of this technology, with shrinking gate fees for raw material, increased costs for Digestate recycling and uncertainty as to the long term sustainability of the land recycling route. This gives scope for further research and development into harnessing the resource more effectively.

One of the most encouraging avenues being explored is creating an organic waste Biorefinery platform. A Biorefinery is a facility that integrates biomass conversion processes and equipment to produce fuels, power, and chemicals from biomass.

The event will look to explore the different avenues being considered for the management of organic waste using Biorefinery technologies to synthesise novel products and create a more efficient market for Digestate.
Speakers from:

*WRAP*   *PROjEN*   *The Biorefinery Centre, Institute of Food Research*   *Energy Research Institute, University of Leeds*   *Aqua Enviro Ltd*   *Wales Centre of Excellence for Anaerobic Digestion, Sustainable Environment Research Centre*   *York University*   *Zero Waste Scotland*

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