ZoneSafe Proximity Warning and Safety Detection Technology

At ZoneSafe, our goal is to create better and safer workplaces by reducing the risk of serious accidents. Blind corners, vehicle blind spots, concealed entrances, obstructions, and unexpected behaviours increase the risk of worksite accidents and collisions.



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ZoneSafe reduces the risk of accidents between pedestrian workers, vehicles and assets using proximity warning and detection technology.

The ZoneSafe product range includes:

1. Vehicle to Person Proximity Warning – 360-degree detection of pedestrian workers around vehicles, even through obstructions such as racking, boxes or from around corners

2. Vehicle to Vehicle Proximity Warning – Early warning detection and close-proximity warning of approaching vehicles.

3. Activated Warning & Zone Control – Vehicle detection and warning through electronic flashing signs, lights, floor projection, self-locking doors, gates and barriers, and also through restricted speed zones.

ZoneSafe proximity warning and alert systems create a detection zone around people and vehicles so that dangers are detected, workers and operators are alerted and collisions are avoided. Be confident in the safety of your workforce and site operations.

We understand that to be effective in preventing accidents, your proximity alert system must fit seamlessly into your site’s layout and operational procedures. That’s why over 30 years, thousands of workers in over 25 countries have trusted ZoneSafe to reduce the risk of collisions in their workplace.







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