At Verigreen, we provide nationwide food waste management services that ensure quick and clean removal of produce, fruit, and food waste.

Website veri-green.co.uk

E-mail info@veri-green.co.uk

Phone 07718 475584


Stanford Bridge Farm,
Station Road,
TN27 0RU

Our state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facilities transform waste into green energy and bio-fertiliser, promoting a sustainable future.

We Recycle:
– Expired food and drink items
– Food and drink manufacturing and processing waste
– Industrial food and beverage by-products
– Unsold packaged food waste
– Surplus ingredient waste
– Solid and liquid waste from agriculture
– Food preparation waste from restaurants

Why Choose Verigreen:
– Efficient and reliable nationwide food and liquid waste collection
– Cost-effective solutions that reduce your business expenses
– Promote the highest environmental and sustainability standards
– Reduce toxic emissions and avoid landfill through anaerobic digestion
– Contribute to environmental well-being by reducing CO₂ emissions
– Prevent contamination with sealed container collection and our own fleet of vehicles

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment with Verigreen, where waste becomes a resource for a greener future.

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