Olleco is the UK’s leading supplier of premium cooking oils and fats and collector of used cooking oil and waste food.


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Olleco serves over 50,000 catering establishments. The waste oil collected is converted into biodiesel and the waste food collected is converted into biomethane, electricity and heat. Olleco employs over 550 people, has 23 depots strategically located across the country, three bio-refineries, a biodiesel plant and two anaerobic digestion facilities.

Used cooking oil collections
You can trust our local collection teams to offer a reliable and efficient service that ensures your food business is fully compliant with environmental legislation.

Benefits to your food service business:
Containers – We can provide our specially designed OilSafe bin or barrel for free or you can use the original packaging your oil came in as we will take these away and recycle them for you.
National coverage – As with our delivery service, we serve food service businesses all over the UK, no matter where they are.

Our service – hassle free and saves you time
In most cases, we will collect used cooking oil at the same time as we deliver your fresh oils, although we do offer a collection only service.
Our customer service teams always call before we visit to remind you of your collection.
Your collection will be made by the same trained and experienced driver who, after being shown once, will know where your oil is stored so they won’t need to be shown again.

Safe and legal
We are a registered Waste Carrier.
You will receive a Waste Transfer Note after each collection which proves you dispose of your used oil legally.
We operate under the ISCC accreditation which means our biodiesel is only made from the used cooking oil we collect.
Resource Recovery – We recycle everything we collect, even the packaging, so you can be confident nothing is ever wasted or sent to landfill


Cooking oils
We also have our very own range of premium cooking oils that are delivered straight to our customers’ door by our trained and experienced drivers.

Benefits to your food service business:
National coverage– Our depots are located all over the country which means there is always a local Olleco driver near to you no matter where your food service business is based.
Reliable and local service– We will deliver your cooking oil on a scheduled basis at an agreed frequency, and your local customer service teams will always phone a couple of days before to remind you of your delivery. We also collect your used cooking oil at the same time, meaning one visit for you and one trip for us.
Oil experts – We are always on hand to give you advice on which oils to buy or which oils are most suitable for the type of cooking you do.
Our quality promise – We don’t believe in dealing with the middleman who adds no value to our supply chain. We know you want quality cooking oils at the best possible price, so we only work with Olleco approved suppliers who are directly involved in sourcing the seeds and fruits which our oils are made from. From field to fryer we take care to ensure you get fresh, quality oils. We then recycle it from fryer to fuel to complete our virtuous cycle and reduce your carbon footprint


Once collected we convert all of your used cooking oil into biodiesel. We have our own state of the art biodiesel facility that enables us to produce EN14214 specification biodiesel and we measure its Greenhouse Gas savings using ISO 14064 to show savings of over 90% compared to regular diesel.

We can provide our customers with a range of fuel options to meet their requirements all year round:
100% biodiesel
Blends of bio diesel


Food waste collections
Olleco is the only national food waste collector in the UK. We provide waste management services to catering and hospitality customers ensuring nothing is ever wasted from their food service business. Using our award winning food waste collection service means you not only make the right environmental decision but you could also save money!
We will provide you with a reliable weekly collection service and ensure your bins are kept clean and odour free by replacing the bin liner at every collection.

Our service offers you:
A range of bin sizes – 120ltr to 240ltr
Simplicity – You will have scheduled weekly calls and we don’t need supervision whilst on site.  All of our paperwork is completed electronically which you can access at any time.
Lower costs – Removing food waste from your general waste bin will save you money.
National coverage – We offer a national service covering the entire British Isle from Lands End to the Highlands of Scotland.
Green credentials – We will help your business to lower its carbon footprint whilst achieving the highest recycling standards. You also have the reassurance that our operations are as carbon efficient as they can be.


Biogas and electricity
Our cutting edge Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility in Aylesbury converts the food waste we collect into heat, power, bio-methane – and organic fertiliser.

Anaerobic Digestion is the main method used to convert food waste into renewable energy. It is a natural, decomposition process that uses microscopic bugs to breakdown food waste to release carbon dioxide and methane. Once captured, it is these gases that are used as a fuel to power generators which feed electricity back into the National Grid.


Compliance – We ensure you and your food business are protected
We are fully licensed and insured for all our supply, collection and resource recovery activities. This means you have complete peace of mind when dealing with any Olleco team.

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