In the early 1980’s, Machinex became the first company in Canada to design machinery for material recycling facilities. The company immediately established itself as a leader in designing profitable and high-quality recycling sorting systems. Today, Machinex is still a world leader in the industry, developing cutting edge sorting, waste management, and recycling technology. Over the years, their experts have designed and installed over 350 turnkey facilities in partnership with leading MRFs in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.



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Turnkey Solutions Make Life Easier
At Machinex, we deliver true turnkey projects. We understand that a complete solution makes life easier for our customers. We design our systems with flexibility in mind. The additional capacity to handle growth or ever-changing material compositions is always a strong consideration as we custom engineer unique solutions for each customer.

Dependable Sorting Systems
Our experience allows us to provide expert advice on recycling solutions that will bring superior performance and profitability. We offer the most efficient systems in the industry with ingenious designs and fully automated recycling equipment.
Single-stream (mixed dry recyclables)
Mixed Waste Processing
Waste to Fuel
Construction & Demolition

Superior Quality Equipment
Machinex is renowned for its innovative, ultra-efficient, and low-maintenance recycling equipment. It is also known for upgrading and integrating sorting plants to add to its productivity and profitability. A host of innovative solutions and equipment are available. All of which are installed by a trained and experienced Machinex team for maximum results with minimum disruption.


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