A global pioneer of environmental technology, HSM are proud to offer market leading innovative solutions for waste management requirements. With products ‘Made in Germany’ leading lines include the HSM V-Press baler manufactured in Germany.


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HSM (UK) Ltd.

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Focusing on shredding, baling and waste compressing machinery, HSM produces a range of solutions for businesses, large-scale commercial operations and other institutions, with products sold in over 100 countries.

So why choose HSM?… In addition to excellent German workmanship, HSM baling presses compress packaging waste up to 95% and compact cardboard, plastics and nearly all waste materials into bales which can be easily stacked and transported. Not only are they built to last, these machines help you save on waste costs with volume reduction.

HSM product lines include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Baling Presses for retailers and manufacturers, suitable for compressing of packaging materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic foils and films.
  • Fully Automatic Baling Press systems for professional waste disposal and large volumes of waste such as packaging material.
  • Shredder Baler Combination machines, ideal for the destruction of paper documentation including large volumes, which are then pressed.
  • PET/Crusher, suitable for the recycling of plastic bottles. In particular, the HSM PET crusher is an integral part of the successful European deposit return schemes.
  • Packaging Machine, which makes use of waste cardboard and perforates it to be used as part of packaging. A great way to reuse cardboard waste and off-cuts. Create free void filling as part of packaging material and replace non-biodegradable bubble wrap with cardboard.
  • Hard Drive Shredder, shreds hard drive disks, magnetic strips, CDs/DVDs, disks and USB sticks into the smallest particles making restoration practically impossible.

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