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CPL Activated Carbons is a leading UK-based manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon filtration products and related services, including a wide range of Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filters/adsorbers, engineered in-house by our subsidiary CPL Icon. Wherever possible, spent activated carbon can be recycled via our thermal reactivation centre at Immingham, Lincs, where we have separate facilities for handling ‘amber list’ spent carbons (biogas, VOC, odour control, wastewater, remediation etc) and ‘green list’ carbon (from food and drinking water processes).

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Reactivating spent carbons in this way offers a significant saving in terms of cost and carbon footprint.  We have been supplying activated carbon for over 30 years, and our team of experienced and friendly experts are ready to help customers solve their most challenging purification requirements, and we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and short turnaround times.  We are proud to have the latest ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 accreditations.  REACH registered.  Check out our website or YouTube channel for more information about our wide range of products and services.  We are “The Active Force in Carbon & Service.”

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